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Sr.No Event Location Hospital Date Faculty Name
1 MUS-GE Workshop Gwalior Dept of Radiodiagnosis
GRMC Gwalior MP
12th Feb Dr Akshara Gupta, Dr Rahul Saoji, Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar
2 MUS-GE Workshop Aurangabad MGM medical college 12th March Dr Prasanna Mishrikotkar, Dr Ankit Shah and Dr Rolly Chaudhari
3 MUS-GE Workshop Jodhpur Diagnostic and interventional Radiology, AIIMS Jodhpur 9th April Dr Suvinay Saxena, Dr Pushpinder, Dr Ankit Shah, Dr Gaurav Kapoor
4 MUS-GE Workshop UP 387, Sumer Bhawan Bachcha park Meerut 14th May Dr Nidhi bhatnagar, Dr Rajas Chaubal, Dr OP Gupta
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